At Dance Studio 111, the safety of our dancers and their families is our first priority.  For that reason, we have put the following safety measures in place in response to COVID-19.

Drop Off and Pick Up:
Pull up to the ramp in front of our main entrance and Miss Elsa will be there to walk the kids to and from your cars. Please place a large sign  with your dancer’s name in the windshield, visible to the front door to help with this process.

If you would like to park and walk your dancer, walk to the door so we can see you and let your him or her out. We will be at the door 10 – 15 minutes before class starts, and up to 10 minutes after class is over. Anyone arriving after that time frame should walk their dancer to the main entrance.

The only parents allowed inside the studio are those with children in Combo classes. Only one parent per child will be allowed inside to ensure social distancing protocols are able to be followed. One parent may sit in the building during class, each six feet apart, while wearing a mask at all times.

As part of our new protocol, food is not allowed inside the dance studio.

Dance Bags / Shoes:
Dance bags are not allowed in the studio. Plastic dance bags or caddies are welcome (see examples below), or you can also use a large Ziploc bag. We just don’t want any fabric type of bags inside the studio.  Please only bring in shoes and no extra clothes, scrunchies, dolls, etc.

Our water fountains have been shut down. Make sure your dancers have a large water bottle with them to ensure they don’t run our of water right after the first class.

Dress Code:
Our ballet classes require a specific dress code: black leotard, pink tights, hair in a bun, and no skirt (all ages no exceptions). Our Combo, technique and pom classes don’t require a specific dress code, but just make sure the dancer is wearing comfortable dance clothing.

Dancers will be required to wear a mask coming into the studio and anytime they aren’t socially distanced or dancing in the classroom.
Teachers will be required to use a mask while teaching.

Other steps taken to ensure the safety of our dancers:

1. We hired Sanitized Now, an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant company, to sanitize our entire studio to provide a safe and clean environment for our dancers. Additional cleanings and wipe downs will be done by our staff on a regular basis and in between each class.
2. We marked the floor space with tape to give dancers their own personally assigned spot to dance in. Each dancer is to stay within their assigned boxes. This will allow for each dancer to stay safe in their private spaces and practice social distancing from other dancers. Fortunately we have large dance rooms to give each dancer plenty of personal space.
3. Classes will be 50 minutes long to allow time to clean each dance room before the next class begins.
4. When dancers enter the building, they will be required to use hand sanitizer that we will provide. In addition, we will do a temperature check of each dancer who enters the lobby. We will be using a no contact thermometer for this.
5. Please arrive dressed for class. There will be no changing allowed in the studio at this time. On ballet days, dancers should wear a black leotard and black dance shorts, with hair in a bun. They won’t be able to put on tights in between classes during this time.
6. Street shoes must be taken off immediately as each dancer enters the studio and left up front in the lobby area. Please make sure names are written inside their shoes.

Please remind your child to practice social distancing even outside of class.
Lastly, all parents are required to sign a Covid-19 Health Release form before your child can attend in person classes at Dance Studio 111. Thank you for your cooperation.